During the first session with a client, we do an assessment process to not only get a good starting point, but to help determine how the program will be designed.

1. Body Composition: We do this by using a skin fold test to figure out the lean body mass to body fat % ratio. This will help with goal setting and give us a starting reference that we can compare future measurements to.

2. Posture Analysis: The body is always trying to eliminate stress off the system, so if there are any shortened/tight tissue in a muscle the body will pull the two attachment points together to take stress off the fibers, which will alter poster. We access static posture using a plum line for reference which helps identify postural deviances.

3. Flexibility & Joint Range of Motion: After assessing static posture a detailed flexibility assessment is performed to confirm any specific muscle imbalances that are associated with the postural deviance that was identified. This is done on the upper and lower body to determine flexibility (length/tension relationship) in muscles and tendons and the range of motion in joints.

4. Primal Movement Assessment: There are 7 primal patterns the body develops during its developmental period as an infant to a child, into adulthood. These are squats, bends (deadlifts), lunges, pushes, pulls, twisting, and gait. These patterns are assessed to identify movement dysfunctions.

5. Program Design: Utilizing information from the assessment, we will customize and design a program consisting of specific stretches and exercises to focus on balancing out the body’s strengths while emphasizing the client’s personal goals. As the client progresses, the programs progress to eventually become a very well rounded conditioning program.

KōR Komplex Trainers work with all levels of clients ranging from professional athletes to the everyday individual looking to be healthy.

No matter your level of fitness, we aim to balance your body’s strengths to better handle your life’s challenges. Most gyms consist of traditional training equipment and machines that provide unnatural stability and control. We break beyond that mold and offer a more functional and fun training environment

Before any workouts are designed a detailed evaluation is performed to identify posture deviances, and muscle imbalances. From there we can determine the body’s weak links and structure an exercise program to balance the body giving a better foundation for optimum health and performance.

Personal training with a fitness trainer is just that – a personal experience. It can be hard to open up to someone about life’s daily problems, and it can also be intimidating to push your limits and not be afraid to fail, especially in front of others. It’s important to not only be inspired and motivated by your trainer, but to also feel the confidence and trust in them to help you succeed in reaching your goal.

KōR trainers are some of the most elite in the area with a very broad experience in health & fitness, and also in life itself. Having a vast experience in life enables our trainers to better identify with clients regarding their struggles, which helps to better find solutions to help break through the barriers that is keeping them from optimal health & vitality.

You will not find any machines at KōR because our method of training focuses on teaching proper functional exercises, along with training the core to work efficiently to handle movement. Even though machines aren’t taught or used at KōR there can be a place for them in workouts. KōR will give recommendations on which machines are the best to use, and where to add them into exercise routines.