Parkour is a martial art for obstacle-based movement. It teaches one to be physically creative with their environment whether for fitness, fun or to test their physical limits. Parkour also helps to train your reflexes so you may use your skills to avoid danger.

Parkour involves jumping, climbing, landing, swinging, balancing, spinning and vaulting. The movements are inspired by gymnastics, break dancing, calisthenics, martial arts and so many other styles of moving.

You can practice parkour alone, or with others. As you pursue your journey in Parkour it will change your perspective of the world and environment around you as urban spaces, outdoor parks and even the gym will start to look like a playground to you. As you learn more skills, your imagination grows.

Parkour is NOT about massive jumps, crazy flips and other death defying stunts. It’s a discipline for your mind, body and spirit. You don’t have to be fit, or be young or be energetic to start parkour, you just have to start. Parkour is for everyone