Age: 25

Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO

Specialty: Barbed wire rolling, heavy carries 

Areas of improvements: Grip strength obstacles in the rain

Favorite KOR Komplex Obstacle: Floating Monkey Bars (I will conquer it soon)

​Most Dreaded Obstacle: Twirly Bird (or anything with ropes) 

Favorite Race Series: Spartan

​Favorite Race Memory: Getting up the 12 foot wall at Battlegrounds after MULTIPLE triesFavorite OCR Athlete:

What has OCR done for you: OCR has exposed me to so many new people and made me a better athlete who is unafraid to try anything. It pushes me to find my limits and surpass them.  

Age: 24

Hometown: Golden, CO

Favorite Obstacle: Any heavy carry or hurdles

​Most Dreaded Obstacle: Spear throw

Favorite Race Series: Spartan (Stadium is current favorite) but want to try more.

​Favorite Race Memory: Finishing the Montana Beast or meeting all of you at the Battlegrounds! 


What has OCR done for you: After leaving NCAA track and field, I struggled with my relationship with running for quite a while. OCR has given me my motivation and my confidence back.  I love that there is always a new challenge or a new obstacle to get to get better at.  It's you against yourself.  I also love how inclusive and supportive the OCR community is--I moved to a new city and almost automatically had friends and workout partners working toward similar goals.




Age: 24

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Favorite Obstacle: The Twister

Most Dreaded Obstacle: Running!

Favorite Race Series: Spartan

​Favorite Race Memory: Racing on my birthday at Battlegrounds and spending time with my KoR family at the finish line.  

What has OCR done for you: OCR has expanded my athleticism and has helped my ninja training.  I enjoy pushing myself and being the best athlete I can be.  

Age: 29

Hometown: St. Charles, MO

Specialty? Climbing rocks, walls, anything

Areas of Improvements? Laziness

Typical Training week? Walking dogs and climbing logs

Favorite KOR Komplex Obstacle? Devil Steps

​Favorite OCR Athlete? Alicia Kueker 

Most Dreaded Obstacle: Anything cold

Favorite Race Memory: Being heated by the space blanket at my first Battlegrounds. 

What has OCR done for you:  OCR has made me challenge my cardio after all these years of playing on obstacles.


Hometown: Perryville, MO

Specialty: Rigs, Hangs, Ropes

Areas of Improvement: Running faster paces, HILLS, and getting good race photos 

Typical Training week: 2X strength Training,  

2X obstacle training days,

4X running (Trail, track, 2 Street)

1 Rock Climbing day

Mobility/Stretching shoot for everyday!

Favorite OCR Athlete: Robert Killian  

Favorite KOR Komplex Obstacle: Rocky Rafter 

Most Dreaded Obstacle: DUNK WALL

Favorite Race Series: Spartan

Favorite Race Memory: Battlegrounds, May 2018 

What has OCR done for you: OCR has brought a whole new passion for fitness into my life. 






Age: 44

Hometown: Denton, TX

Favorite Obstacle: Olympus or any heavy carries! 

Most Dreaded Obstacle: Drop zone at Battlegrounds

Favorite Race Series: Spartan has been my most frequented series besides local races, and I am looking forward to adding in CTG, Savage, and Green Beret this year. 

​Favorite Race Memory:

What has OCR done for you: OCR has reminded me that I am a fighter, a dreamer, and an adventurer! OCR, to me, is soul on fire passion that makes you dig deep and dream bigger than you ever have.  OCR is full of amazing athletes and a genuine community that will inspire you, motivate you, mentor you, and push you beyond the limits you thought possible! Every battle teaches you something new, all you have to do it accept the challenge, and chase after it with tenacity and feverish determination and never, ever give up!! 




Carlos Spells


Favorite Obstacle: 

​Most Dreaded Obstacle: 

Favorite Race Series: 

​Favorite Race Memory: 


What has OCR done for you:


Age: 30

Hometown: Lee's Summit, MO

Favorite Obstacle: Funky Monkey

Most Dreaded Obstacle: Electroshock Therapy

Favorite Race Series: Having a good feeling Spartan is going to be my favorite. 

​Favorite Race Memory: That would easily be my first OCR race at the Battlegrounds.  I knew 10 minutes into the race that this was definitely something that I could get into and be good at.  By the I crossed the finish line, I had no doubt in my mind that this was going to be a huge part of my life.  

What has OCR done for you: OCR has given me purpose to my training again.  It has given me a new found drive and determination to be great.  It reinforces my strong work ethic, discipline and desire to be successful at a new sport.  It also allows me to be a part of a team again that all has a common goal and vision. 


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Age: Over the Hill (44)

Hometown: St. Charles, MO 

Favorite Obstacle: Anything rig based, I really enjoy the challenge these obstacles give you and they change at every race! (Platinum rig, battlefrog rig, savage rig, & skull valley) the endless combinations possible with these rigs can give even the top elite racers a hard time! One of the things I love about skull valley is it is never set up the same at any race. 

​Most Dreaded Obstacle: My obstacle nemesis is the 2015 version of skull valley at OCRWC. 2015 was my first time going to OCRWC and I was coming off a pretty good season but I was still very much an ocr rookie at the time.  I was very excited to see how I would do and compare to others in my age group at this high of a level with so many other amazing racers.  It was also my first mandatory obstacle completion race and I was determined to keep my band! But it wasn't meant to be, I was about 50 yards from the finish line and I had two obstacles left, one was skull-valley.  I had never done this obstacle before but it looked fun and very doable.  I was 2/3 of the way through the obstacle and while I was traversing my way across the vertical cargo net, two other athletes also jumped on the same net and the net jerked and pulled so hard that it pulled me backwards and I dislocated my elbow and tore my bicep.  I then fell backwards and down into the cold hard ground and fractured my elbow when I landed. That was when I realized I needed to take my training to the next level and I started training at KoR. 

Favorite Race Series: A few years ago my favorite was Battlefrog, it was extremely challenging, but unfortunately they went under last season.  My hometown favorite is Battlegrounds, it is a fantastic runners course with fun obstacles.  My current favorite series with tough obstacles that I've really been enjoying is Conquer the Gauntlet. To be honest, I really enjoy any race that requires mandatory obstacle completion.  

​Favorite Race Memory: I would have to say 2016 OCRWC in Canada! I worked hard at KoR all year and I had a great season leading up to OCRWC and I wasn't about to lose my bands this time! I ended up keeping my bands at both the short course and long course.  One of the things I love about OCRWC is that you are challenged with obstacles you've ever seen before and they are featured obstacles from other race series around the world.  One of my favorite new ones was the low rig and urban sky.  

What has OCR done for you: I would have to say OCR has probably saved my life physically! I was pushing 285 lbs with my weight and having health issues.  I knew it was time to make a change and so did my doctor.  It is a sport that is constantly changing and evolving and I'm getting better every season.  It is definitely what I was needing in my life and now I can't imagine my life without it.  The crazy thing is my wife was into this way before I was and I thought she was crazy for doing it, and there was no way I was ever going to do this!  But here I am racing all the time and I can't imagine not being out there with my family and friends.